MaTER - Medical and Tactical Emergency Response

Our current security landscape is changing daily with an increase in negative events and farm attacks, which suggest that we look at a more collaborative approach if we are to defend our communities successfully, to name a but a few factors contributing to crime:

  1. Armed robberies within security estates
  2. Breaches of new and old security parameters
  3. An influx of aliens and illegal immigrants
  4. Mining automation
  5. Farming communites who are reducing staff
  6. Limited support structures = limited visibility = limited / no response
  7. Current support structures i.e. CPF / Neighbourhood Watches can only do that much, and have limited ability and mandates
  8. Formal / Government Support structures have limited capacity, and this will not change soon

PASE has teamed up with Sport Assist to provide a sustainable Medical and Trauma Support Unit with a Tactical focus to provide services to our rural and local precinct within the Northwest to:

  1. Provide emergency support services on a 24/7 basis
  2. Have a 24/7 manned number for emergency
  3. Collaborate with Government and other structures
  4. Deploys only highly trained and qualified medical and tactical personnel via either ambulance or response vehicle deployment, or both;
  5. Respond to any emergency medical condition, injury, accident and or any trauma related incident
  6. Provide ambulance transport to the hospital of choice where on medical scheme


Our MATER Team:

  1. The Trauma Team will be managed by Sport Assist:
  2. This company has over 18 medical personnel on hand, their head office is in Brits, they will provide qualified trauma personnel allocated on shifts to support in the western Hartbeespoortdam area
  3. Their collective experience total over 40 years and include hospital, trauma, ambulance, Police, Counseling and medical training services
  4. The Tactical Team will be managed by Oostermoed Protection Services:
  5. The company is in existence for many years, has over 77 personnel on hand and deploys Tactical Response Officers, Tactical Security Officers, mounted as well as K9 support within the greater Brits / Hartbeespoort / Hekpoort areas
  6. They have highly trained personnel which served in both SAPS and Special Forces across the globe
  7. They also deploy their own Medical and Tactical Choppers where required

There is a need to have additional support when there is an emergency of a tactical nature:

  1. In certain instances, SAPS cannot attend to all cases immediately, due to the fact that most of our areas are remote and in some instances the K9 unit might be deployed elsewhere – providing additional support and act as a force multiplier in deploying support search units for instance, would be invaluable
  2. Resources such as helicopters which has been cleared to do night flight searches, will prove to be advantageous and will put us ahead of the game 
  3. Structuring current community efforts via a disciplined structure will not only add value, but will yield a higher effectiveness and success ratio
  4. We need to realise that our safe being is ultimately being determined by how strategic we react to the ever changing threats from within and from outside our communities –the best way to treat it, is to make it your own business.