R-VRSA - Vulnerability and Risk Security Assessment

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SWPA – Specialised Wildlife Protection Academy:

Thomas J Fleetwood is well renowned in the nature industry. His dedication to nature conservation started through his career in the South African defense force were he qualified in various specialized courses. He left as a part-time member and officer in 2004 in the rank of Major. He joined the North West Parks in 1998 as an honorary officer in the counter-poaching unit. Today he is listed on their records as a specialist service provider and is being used from time to time for specialist training and duties.

His experience in small team tactics, intelligence, survival, and tracking and anti-poaching operations contributed to the writing of a world class methodology dedicated to the protection of our wildlife heritage. This specialised methodology has been listed and accredited by the South African Police Services as the only accepted methodology in the RSA. SWPA is in existence for 9 years and serve a number of local and international clientele.

PASE – Practical Adaptive Survival Education:

Gert J Botha served as a permanent member is the SAP in both operational and management capacities, where he worked in the SAP Inspectorate under the MEC for Safety and Security as an internal consultant. He left as a part time member in the military rank of Captain and civil rank of Senior Work-study Officer. Gert specialized operationally in urban protection, which lend to the formation of PASE with the focus of transferring knowledge and skills to our communities. He successfully implemented an end to end SVA at a high end golf estate in Hartbeespoortdam with visible success.

Today he is still involved in both SAPS and local structures in combatting crime, analysing threats and leveraging industry best practice to the benefits if his clients.

 Our Approach:

  1. 1. There is no off the shelve system available which would cater for the requirements of rural establishments, as most of the focus will be at small to medium enterprise level, focusing mostly on urban requirements of governance systems. Though our combined experiences within both tactical, urban, rural and operational environments, we can bridge that gap and apply field experiences to the current scenario to derive a proposed outcome suitable to the client’s specific needs. Thus, form will follow function, and in this case, the system requirements derived from the threats and vulnerabilities identified.
  1. 2. There are no quick fixes in deriving a sustainable and long term operational plan, it can be modularized according to risk and budget appetite – however, once one understand the focus and the end game, and it becomes a question of priority.

 Assessment Outline:

The team will look at the following aspects, but not limited to this only, of the operations and derive recommendations accordingly:

  1. 3.Current security system:
    1. Monitoring: Structures / Perimeters / Wildlife / Other
    2. Inspection of the fences
    3. Patrols
    4. Management
    5. Gates
    6. Work force management
  2. 1.Risk Analysis:
    1. High ground management and domination
    2. Equipment use and application
    3. Intelligence systems
    4. Boarding farms and nearby airfields
    5. Watering points
    6. Access points
    7. Decoy options
    8. Sabotage options
    9. Local and Provincial structures:
      1. SA Police
      2. Nature Conservation
      3. Community and other bodies
  3. 1.Emergency Plans:
    1. Operational procedures
    2. Vehicles
    3. Communication systems
    4. Defence Meganisms
    5. Guests  /Visitors
    6. Existing training
  4. 1.Operational Assessment

Assessment Outcome:

The findings of this initial analysis will be presented in the form of a written report, and will contain an overview with recommendations based on these findings, to investigate and implement (if required) a data driven system with countermeasures which would reduce or block the opportunity for threats to exploit vulnerabilities, and as such build the uniquely qualified system specific to the client's requirements.

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