PASE ATC Instructors honed their skills through tried and tested operational experience both locally and abroad, through our unique Police Force of which some are from the famed Special Task Force. Our Instructors not only transfer administrative and unit standard knowledge but a tactical and operational experience that cannot be replicated. Our Tactical Instructors offers both accredited and non-accredited customized training and between them have over 50 years of professional tactical experience… ”to be the best you need to be trained by the best”. In any risk or emergency event, one will not rise to the occasion, as so often being exclaimed, but rather fall to your level of training, which is why we specialize in what we do best.

Our company specializes in training ranging from advanced customized training to standard modules required by Governments, Private Sector Industries, and Security Services Providers. Our company also has a more social focus on uplifting the youth through designated programs that can be used for further learning and education. We are a highly specialized training services provider at enhancing and providing advanced tactical and operative training, to the security and private industries. We serve executive requirements both international and locally

Our members are highly skilled individuals who received their training and skills as former Special Task Force operatives who are actively involved in training as advanced qualified Instructors. We combine these with private sector experience to enable a full spectrum service.

All our courses are SASSETA accredited and registered. We deploy our own Assessors and Moderators and our courses comply with the South African Professional Firearm Trainers Council requirements, with over 185 SAQA registered unit standards registered.

We have the capability to analyze any environment and provide tactical and operational solutions comprising of the required unit standards to offer a recognized learning outcome whether it be within a high-risk environment or personalized need.

The fact that we can combine years of practical field experiences obtained from local and international deployment, whilst being able to provide a recognized training outcome, diversify the company from many other service providers.

The transfer of skills obtained through active Specialized deployment set any learner apart from standard learner outcomes and allows for a better employment or deployment scenario. Ours is registered with SETA, and lies within a rich resource pool, something with is a scarce and prized commodity within our continent. We also provide customized or tailored no-unit standard training for special needs requirements.

Our service offerings include but is not limited to:

Firearm Accredited Course

  1. Knowledge of the Firearms Control Act 60/2000
  2. Handle and use of a Handgun
  3. Handle and use of a Handgun for Business Purposes
  4. Handle and use a Manually Operated Rifle or Carbine
  5. Handle and use a Manually Operated Rifle or Carbine for Business Purposes
  6. Handle and use of a Self Loading Rifle/Carbine
  7. Handle and use of a Self-Loading Rifle or Carbine for Business Purposes
  8. Handle and use of a Shotgun
  9. Handle and use of a Shotgun for Business Purposes
  10. Firearm Instructors Course (5 Days)
  11. Range Officers Course
  12. Tactical Range Officers Course
  13. Regulation 21 (Annually) - Handgun
  14. Regulation 21 (Annually) - Handgun/ Carbine
  15. Regulation 21 (Annually) - Handgun/ Manually operated
  16. Regulation 21 (Annually) - Handgun/ Shotgun/ Carbine
  17. Regulation 21 (Annually) - Handgun/ Shotgun/ Carbine/ Manually Operated
  18. Tactical Course – Handgun, Shotgun, Self-Loading carbine (11 Days)
  19. Tactical Handgun Course (5days)


Additional Training Courses

  1. Advance Driving (1 day)
  2. Advance Driving - Defensive Driving (2 days)
  3. Advance Driving – Defensive and Offensive Driving (3 days)
  4. Basic, Intermediate and Advance level Firearm Training
  5. Close Protection Refresher (5, 3 and 1 day)
  6. Counter Pouching
  7. Long Range Shooting and Hunting
  8. Marksman course
  9. Medical (3 days)
  10. Riots/ Crowd management (3 days)
  11. Rural Tactical (10 Days)
  12. Secure Drivers course (5 days)
  13. Secure Drivers course (7 days) Including Advance Driving - Defensive
  14. Surveillance Course (5 or 10 Day)
  15. Team Building
  16. Tracking (Basic/ Advance) 1, 5, 10 days


SASSETA Accredited Courses

  1. Close Protection Course (28 Days)
  2. Level 4 International Bodyguard CP Course
  3. Advance Driving (5 days)
  4. Medical Course - Provide First Aid as an Advance First Responder (5 days)
  5. Riots/ Crowd management (5 days)
  6. Skills Programmes 1
  7. Skills Programmes 2
  8. Skills Programmes 3


Non-Accredited Courses

  1. Civilian First Aid Responder Course L3
  2. Civilian Low Light Tactical Course
  3. Civilian Motorbike Survival
  4. Civilian Tactical Urban Survival - Beginner
  5. Civilian Urban Survival
  6. Civilian Vehicle Survival
  7. Crises Awareness Reaction Education
  8. PASE Fire-Arm Fundamentals