Pase Academy

PASE – Practical Adaptive Survival Education was a natural outflow from our current global events to educate our clients through training in practical formats, adapting to their personal and environment requirements, with specific proven and results driven techniques and methods to survive urban and outdoor threads. The system is inclusive of the whole family and education encompasses more than only survival, it provides the platform to build certain skill sets which are enablers to anyone who would like to pursue these outdoor activities. Education is our passion, and having our own children, who need to make sense of this word, prompted us to build relationships and partnerships with numerous live giving organisations to tailor specialised tools to fit this huge bill. Our Urban Survival courses are tailored from preparing children to equipping anyone who want to survive any urban related thread. These courses are practical, to the point and designed to accommodate the whole family, ranging from survival bags, awareness systems, applying survival techniques to tactical field raining and much more. It is not only informative but fun too and designed to strengthen the family core so it can support and maintain itself. Our motto is: “PASE yourself”, and you will be educated to make informed decisions and choices when the time arrives, but most of all, you will possess the skill sets to physically and mentally overcame.