PASE Boerekostwist Cooking Classes

PASE Boerekostwist Cooking Classes

This program focus on providing a fun way for kids to understand how to bake / cook in the kitchen in a safe and controlled manner.

One day cooking class

PASE in association with Annelien Pienaar presents an exclusive kids cooking experience starting in from April to December this year. Annelien is a well-rounded nationally recognised baker/cook/chef with her own cookbook - on our shop shelved and widely used on-line cook/baking advice blog! She is seen on television and started with a monthly cook class on her own show on local TV!

This tailor made class will focus on young cooks from age 7 up to 16 years of age. Kitchen ethics and safety is a must know for all kitchen users, so a lot of emphasis will be given on that! But off course the fun starts when dough is explored and it's variety of uses...from pizza to breads. We will enjoy the preparation of different toppings, understand the use of cheese etc. For the winter month, we will explore soups and how to make flavoured croutons! Pavlova...melanges....all egg related dishes will be walked through, for spring we will explore interesting salad styles! Last but not least, when summer and the festive time arrives, we will be ready to present beautiful gifts out of our kitchens with Annelien's help - this baking will include presenting picture like packaging and wrapping to make your mouth water for what's inside- something too special to miss!

We only have 10 places available, and only 4 classes for 2018! So make sure to book in advance to secure your child's experience! All baking will be enjoyed after setting a festive table outside around the Pecan nut plantation!

Mom's and siblings can join by means of bringing with a picnic blanket to enjoy the farm atmosphere, a tour through the Pecan nut trees is a must see for all and very educating as Skeerpoort farms close to Hartbeespoort is part of the biggest export Pecan nut products of SA. Annelien's husband plays a huge role in wholesaling and securing the future and health of Pecan nut plantations in the region.

We are very privileged to have Annelien on our team for this year - don't miss this one!


  • R170 per student per class for the first three classes
  • R250 per student per class for the last class in December as packaging and wrapping costs will be included.