We have partnered with numerous like-minded providers, one of which is SWAPA who specialises in outdoor survival. Their training methods are extremely easy and comfortable, which is a pleasant positive way to learn the physics of fire and water making, navigation, building of shelters, catching food like a boy scout or native bushmen, is all part of an amazing experience. PASE – Adventure Education is another such tool – a curriculum developed in reference to FGASA, to offer learners the opportunity to not only learn more about the wonderful sciences but to be able to use the information as input into a formal study direction should they wish to do so One of the positive outcomes of this program is to become a junior field guide, which again open doors into the future of nature conservation. All subjects are combined into a single collective curriculum, including biology, ecology, physics, maths, geology and more to give children a well-rounded and insightful journey into God’s Creation. Catering for any individual and families alike, another exiting liaison with PASE is the SA Climbing and Mountaineering Academy, another qualification or just adventure, if that should be the individual’s passion – called Adventure Guiding. Again we have obtained the best in the field in Neil Margetts, the authority and well renowned spokesperson in this field, who as a personal trainer and friend shares our vision in developing and equipping people of any age in this wonderful sport. Our company also prides itself in providing quality gear to our clients, enabling them to survive with proper and reliant products, our suppliers are handmade Rose series knives from Fanie Botha Knife makers and Mountaineering gear from The SA Climbing Academy.